• schampaigne

    These exact dress were almost my dresses! Love them and the florals of course 😊

  • marathonflorist

    @schampaigne 😊

  • emmma_gee

    Gorgeous!!! Can’t wait for you to do our wedding in just a few weeks! Calling you soon 👰🏼💕

  • marathonflorist

    @emmma_gee can’t wait either!!!!! 💖

  • weddingsbyplayalargo

    WOW! Perfect island elegance!

  • marathonflorist

    @weddingsbyplayalargo thank you!!! Couldn’t agree more!😉

  • lindseyland2

    Beautiful! Cannot wait for my sister’s wedding in April! 😍

  • marathonflorist

    @lindseyland2 😊!