• crazy__anime__fangirl

    ALEX FIERRO😍😍😍😍😍

  • myfirststoryfanboy

    Just don’t read it, I advise you not to

  • itznot_gianna

    @corcoran.mp4 why

  • tori.fleur

    @corcoran.mp4 same

  • tori.fleur

    @corcoran.mp4 i got it the day it entered shops and i had no warning i was not an ounce of prepared

  • c_u_p.cake.p_n_g

    Whats TBM?

  • c_u_p.cake.p_n_g


  • c_u_p.cake.p_n_g

    Hahaa ;-;

  • chelsea_morgan04

    After reading it I’m dying

  • ____adela_____

    Same same

  • nepenthe.why

    @itznot_gianna_ if you want to live... Just don't

  • gay_magical_potato_666

    What makes me happy is that were exactly the same, I LOVE BEING GENDERFLUID, HATE BEING IN THE CLOSET THOUGH, DEFEATS THE PURPOSE

  • worry_is_weakness

    Our lord and savior Alex fierro and his fallfaly wedded husband Mango cheese

  • alexfierro_pinkandgreen

    Thanks! I'm not a freakn character tho, I'm a real breathing person lol 💚💗

  • ann_h005

    I've read all the rick riordan books besides Magnus chase, is this Alex person transgender? (Sorry if I'm wrong, don't hate me) or does revealing it count as a spoiler?

  • tiredgay.exe

    @sqandwich @classic.hamilther Alex Fierro

  • emily.steven.son

    Do you have a moment to learn about our Lord and Savior Alex Fierro?

  • stellarhamster

    Why is this so me 😂💖

  • alexfierro_pinkandgreen

    @annh0506 bro, I'm gender fluid because of my godly parent, Loki

  • alexfierro_pinkandgreen

    @haydeydays What's up?